Toxic Exposures and Cancer

We are exposed to potentially harmful toxins every single day—in the air, in our water, at work and in the environment. In most cases, the amount of the exposure is negligible and fairly harmless; however, if the exposure is too dangerous, intense or prolonged, the toxicity levels can cause many diseases, injuries and cancers.

Toxic Exposures and Cancer

The number of known carcinogens (substances that cause cancer) continues to grow, almost by the day. The American Cancer Society has cataloged hundreds of known and suspected cancer-causing agents. As of February 2018, the CDC lists at least 131 substances as “occupational carcinogens,” or cancer-causing agents we encounter at our workplaces.

We’d like to think more is being done to protect us from exposure to these substances, but the reality is that harmful chemicals continue to be marketed and sold—while manufacturers downplay the risks, often citing studies they themselves paid for. The result: Toxic exposure in the workplace is now the fifth leading cause of death.

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